Porting an Ada legacy software

Ada Lovelace

Porting an Ada legacy software can be a delicate task despite the intrinsic qualities of the Ada language such as, for example, its true portability. This article identifies the main problems that may be encountered and how they can best be addressed.

This article is about the Ada language but, in terms of approach, some points are transposable to other languages.

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S2OPC — Safe, Secure, Open Source OPC-UA

The benefits of open source

S2OPC logo

Following the INGOPCS R&D project initiated with the support of the ANSSI, Systerel has built upon its experience of safe critical systems to develop a free and secure OPC UA stack under the Apache 2.0 license: Safe and Secure OPC (S2OPC).

In this article, we will give an overview of OPC UA, describe the S2OPC product, and then focus on the benefits and challenges of the open source approach for such a development.

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